Acne Causes and Possible Treatments

Acne is one of the most common health and beauty related problems faced by men and women these days. Young people usually suffer from acne. The age between 16 and 22 is the time when the people usually suffer from acne. There are many different reasons for acne and some of them can be avoided easily. Let us see what those causes are and how to treat those causes.

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Causes for acne

1) Hormonal changes: The most important reason for acne is the changing hormones at this age. Usually this is the age in which the boys develop into men and girls develop into women. So hormonal changes take place in their body every day. These changes lead to several problems and one of them is acne.

2) Excess of oil glands in the skin is responsible for acne. As the oil secreted by the glands is interrupted by the skin, it leads to acne formation. This is the most important reason for acne.

3) Excessive consumption of oily and fatty foods, junk foods etc are the most important reasons for acne. Some people eat chips, wafers, cakes and other fatty foods in excess and hence they suffer more from acne compared to others.

4) Mental stress and strains are also the reasons for acne. People who are suffering from stress of any kind, such as job oriented or family oriented or any other, are found to suffer more from acne compared to the people who don’t have such mental stress.

Now let us see the importance of the treatment of acne and how it can be treated without or with least side effects.

Treatment for acne

1) The most important and effective treatment for acne is avoiding the consumption of oily and fatty foods. As they are rich in fats, they increase the secretion of oil from the oil glands and thus they increase the occurrence of acne. Hence they should be avoided as much as possible.

2) Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are the best foods for any kind of illness and they have been proved to be very much useful in treating acne also. Fruits and vegetables have lots of dietary fibers, vitamins and water, which are all the best nutrients in treating acne.

3) Get rid of the mental stress and strain as much as possible. Even though avoiding stress and tension in life is not possible completely, you can at least take some measures to reduce the stress and tension by taking part in relaxing activities like music and entertainment etc.

4) When all these methods fail to keep the acne at bay, the final treatment for acne involve LASER treatment or other related acne scar treatments which are somewhat costly, but if no other method of treatment is able to treat the acne, you have to go for such a treatment at any cost.

All said and done, acne treatment is not so complicated. In most of the cases you will be able to reduce the acne by natural means only and if you fail in treating it completely by natural methods, then medical science is always there for your help!

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