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Smith Facial PlasticsSmith Facial Plastics offers you a comprehensive menu of both surgical and non-surgical procedures, customized to your unique needs. From Botox and chemical peels to cosmetic rhinoplasty and face lifts, they offer today’s most in-demand treatments, as well as some exclusive procedures such as our three-month skin rejuvenation program and our in-office mini weekend face lift.

Dermabrasion is actually one of the best ways to deal with acne scars, but it depends on the surgeon’s skill. The doctor can’t go too deep, or it will not look right, or not deep enough, or there will not be much difference. A huge part of how a dermabrasion turns out is the way the patient takes care of skin immediately after the dermabrasion.

I keep reading about the skin scabbing afterward, the skin is not supposed to scab! It won’t scab if it is kept bandaged for around 5 days with a thin layer of a vaseline-type product like Aquaphor or Etna Cream, hydrogel bandages, not regular ones, Tefla on top of that, and hold it all together with surgical tape.

This dressing should be changed daily for 5 days. The hydrogel bandages are expensive, but they will keep your skin moist, and it has to stay moist at all times or it will scab and sometimes scar! After the first 24 hours, remove the badages and spray some wound cleanser on it, and do a vinegar soak. It’s soothing and will help the skin not scab or scar. Replace the dressings after the vinegar soak.

After five days, you no longer need to use the dressing, but still, keep your skin moist at all times with Aquaphor or Etna Cream. You will need alot of it. Once your skin heals, you can stop and just go back to regular moisturizer. Some people think they will just need one dermabrasion and their faces will be fixed. If your scarring is severe, this is wrong. Ice picks scars won’t improve much if at all, and deeper scars will only show some improvement.

You will need other treatments, either more dermabrasions, subcison, punches, fat transfer, or filler of some sort to fill in your scars. I personally suggest subcision or punches first, then dermabarsion, then fillers. This seems to get the best results. Of course, there will always be people who are never satisfied. Deeply scarred skin will never be perfect, it can only be improve.

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