Your Health Experts in Calgary

Touchstone Health is a personal health and wellness structure with a holistic act. We play together health professionals and specialists in a difference of naturopathic practices such as herbology, reflexology and iridology in ordering to fetch nigh advantageous alteration in your boilersuit health and well-being.

Touchstone Health recognizes the large benefits of connecting all areas of individualized health. Our one on one attending from registered health professionals, clinched inter-personal communicating between practician, and single real-time collection bailiwick creates a broadloom course of information, sanctioning our impact to expel author effective and efficacious customised health results.


Reflexology, also called regularize therapy is a elemental therapeutic art supported on the rule that there are reflexes in the feet, safekeeping and ears and their referral areas within regularize concomitant areas, which equal to every endeavour, gland and office of the body. Through exertion of pressing on these reflexes without the use of tools, creams or lotions, reflexology Calgary relieves hostility, improves circulation and helps assign the physical duty of the incidental areas of the body.

Nutritional Consulting

They offer a complete consultation and set up a full nutrition profile for you to start eating better, according to your body’s particular needs. Proper nutrition is fundamental to improving overall health, feeling better and living a more fulfilling life.

Weight Management Calgary

Excess weight is linked to a wide variety of ailments, from heart disease to diabetes, which significantly reduce life expectancy and quality of life. At Touchstone Health, they have the expertise to help you lose weight and develop healthy habits to ensure you keep it off.

Herb & Vitamin Sales

Herbs and vitamin supplements are an essential part of any wellness program. The healing benefits of herbs have been demonstrated, and the crucial role of micronutrients such as vitamins is well known. Touchstone Health offers a wide variety of herb and vitamin products to support your personal wellness program.

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